Video: Lecrae “Spread The Opps”


Video: Lecrae “Spread The Opps”

Church Clothes 4 coming soon.

Lecrae has announced his upcoming Church Clothes 4 and acknowledges his oppositions on his first single, “Spread The Opps”.

In the accompanying music video directed by Ray “Neutron” Spears”, Lecrae rings off on his haters and American controversies. Here, he draws inspiration from Goodfellas in a diner scene, crashes a podcast interview, hits a shooting range, gets baptized, and more. Amen.

“I’ve been running for so long from the opposition. Since I was a kid, there were enemies, both physical and spiritual, that were trying to destroy me.” says Lecrae. “I decided to stop running. This song, “Spread The Opps,” is me knowing that even in the valley of death, God is with me. He’s scattering the opposition.”

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