Video: Tee Grizzley “Ms. Evans 1”


Video: Tee Grizzley “Ms. Evans 1”

Good morning, Ms. Evans.

Tee Grizzley takes it back to school and introduces “Ms. Evans”, the latest series from his upcoming Chapters Of The Trenches.

In the accompanying music video, the Detroit rapper narrates a story of a high school teacher, Ms. Evans, and her admiring students Stephen and Mike. “Ms. Evans, out of ten she like a seven / Teach English, High-school, grade eleven,” Tee begins on the J.R. Rotem-produced track. “Single as fuck, got a condo, drive Lexus / No kids, she make these niggas use protection / And she be teaching class in some yoga pants / Ass fat, she know the young boys be on her ass / But they some babies to her, them boys ain’t got a chance”.

Desperate to win the bet with Steph, Mike charms his teacher with a few favors and even fronts for her by using his father’s Maybach. Tee continues, “Next day he park next to her, she can’t miss it now / Later on, he caught her leaving right when school was getting out / He hit the locks, she turn around “Oh that’s how you living now?” / He like “I got good credit, I get this shit with zero down.”

In addition to “Ms. Evans 1”, Chapters Of The Trenches has previously released “Robbery“, an attempted murder of a key witness in Tee Grizzley’s robbery case and “Jay & Twan“, a deadly tale involving two neighborhood crooks who are caught in a life of crime and betrayal.

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