Video: Tee Grizzley “Ms. Evans 2”


Video: Tee Grizzley “Ms. Evans 2”

Game time.

Tee Grizzley continues the story of a student and teacher’s sexual relationship in his new music video, “Ms. Evans 2”.

Picking up where Part 1 left off, the love triangle between Ms. Evans and her students Steph and Mike, unfold when a video of Ms. Evans and Steph’s sexual encounter is leaked by Mike, which results in Ms. Evans doing time in jail.

“Before you answer, look at this video of you and dude / Now if you don’t let me fuck, I’m gon’ ruin you,” raps Tee Grizzley from Mike’s point of view. With the two boys at odds, Ms. Evans continues to keep in touch with Steph from the bing. “But listen, I ain’t gon’ say too much ’cause ain’t too much to say / These people gave me twenty years for statutory rape.”

“Ms. Evans 2” is featured on Tee Grizzley’s latest album, Chapters Of The Trenches, which features street tales including ““Jay & Twan” (1 & 2), “Tez & Tone“, “Robbery” (4 & 5), “Free Baby Grizz Part 3“, and more.

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