For Fiery Urban Vibes Watch FG Figueroa’s New MV – “Odio”

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For Fiery Urban Vibes Watch FG Figueroa’s New MV – “Odio”

Florida-based Puerto Rican urban singer and songwriter FG Figueroa has released one of the hottest and soulful urban tracks in the history of urban culture called “Odio.” The track is an absolutely gorgeous mixture of r&b, Latin-pop, pop rap, and reggaeton. 

The artist shows his multidimensional talent and keeps the bar high with perfect vocals, irresistible charisma, heart-pumping passion, and fire that pour out of his lyrics and music. “Odio”  is, of course, the fruit of FG Figueroa’s talent and hard work, but C.O.D.A. and Jose Azcona, the producers, also have their contribution in making the track a hit deserving the headlines that it gets. 

The perfect production is complete with the atmospheric visuals for the release. The music video is a result of director Flowercop’s vision. It is dedicated to one of Figueroa’s strongest passions, Florida’s architecture. The video will make you want to travel and enjoy life on constant trips. Give it a try to sense the warmth and fire inside FG Figueroa’s soul and to discover your own passion. 

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