Interview: D’Lemor – Debut Single “Shine”

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Interview: D’Lemor – Debut Single “Shine”

D’Lemor chose Shine as her first song to be released based on a poem that she wrote when she was young, deeply believing in her heart making a difference in the lives of millions of people who are struggling for so many reasons. As a child, she always knew one thing; that her music and lyrics were going to heal the world. We had the chance to chat with her about her debut single “Shine” and the journey that led to it. 

-Hi D’Lemor, hope you are well and healthy! How are you handling the past six months, and the lockdown? Has it been a creative time for you?

I am well thank you. I hope that you are as well. Yes, this time has truly been one of reflection. When the pandemic first began and the world stood still I made a conscious decision to not let fear in. I prayed for those who were ill, and I followed the guidelines of safety. But through inner peace, positivity, meditation and prayer I felt a sense of calm. During that time lyrics to new songs, melodies as well as ideas about the type of music that I want to create in the world became very clear to me. 

We loved Shinein every possible way, please tell us more about your new debut single, what it means to you and how it came to life?

Shine was a poem I wrote during a time in my life when my heart was aching. It was a time where my life changed and I felt that my light was dimmed. It was the beginning of my spiritual journey, and the embrace of the phrase “Life happens for me, not to me” I wanted my first debut single to be a musical inspiration, not just with lyrics but with the musical production as well. I envisioned the song as a journey of the heart, a reminder to whoever is listening that they are always meant to shine. A reminder that inside each one of us lies a soul and a spirit that is beautiful, hopeful and loving. And no circumstance or another human being can ever dim that light. When you remember that, when you can choose to shine your light on the world, your life changes and the lives of the ones around you.

-How would you describe your musical style?

That is an interesting question and one that is sometimes difficult for me to answer because I do not believe that I fit into any one specific genre. That has been a continuous theme throughout my life lol I never fit into one box, and now I realize that I was not meant to. If I had to truly label my musical style it would probably be inspirational pop full of beautiful melodies, inspirational poetic lyrics and otherworldly sounds. Music that takes you away to a place where your heart feels at home, one that heals and awakens your soul.

-Who are the artists that have shaped your music, past and present?

There are too many to name. I have such a diverse taste in music. As a child growing up in Poland I loved Anna Jantar, she was a polish musician. When I first heard her sing at the age of 5 I remember saying to myself and knowing with every fiber of my being that this is exactly what I want to do when I grow up. Throughout my life I loved artists in every genre, listening to music for me was always dependent on the mood I was in. But among so many, are  two artists who have shaped me as a singer, Celine Dion and Barbara Streisand. Their styles, their voices and their melodic and beautiful ballads were the ones that I was always imitating and humming.

-Where do you find your inspiration and please share with us how your creative process takes place?

I find inspiration in everything. I find in nature, in beauty and in a smile of a child. In a painful moment, in a moment of pure bliss and joy. In the everyday life. In love.
I have learned to not take anything for granted and allow gratitude to be my greatest strength. My creative process is to go within. I pray, I meditate and I silence the outside world. It is during those moments that my poetry flows easily onto the pages of my journal. Being a designer for so many years, the creative process of music is so different. It is more personal, intuitive and sacred. I am no longer creating beauty in the outside environment of others, I am now creating beauty for the environment of their hearts.

-What is one experience in life that, without it, you wouldn’t be the artist and person you are today?

There were many experiences in my life that have shaped me into the person I am today, and I am grateful for them all. I am a big believer that every experience good or bad was supposed to be on my path and on my journey. They have all influenced me in ways that have taught me so much. But if I had to pick just one, it would be arriving in the United States when I was twelve years old with my father. That was life altering and has taught me some of my greatest lessons.

-You have shared your moving story as an immigrant, but few people really know what it means to live that experience, could you please tell us more about your difficulties having to adapt quickly but also how it strengthens you?

It was a very lonely and scary time,I had to grow up very fast. I always say that my childhood ended when I left Poland with my father. The days of being carefree, attending school, playing the violin, having memories with my sister and my friends were behind me. I was now in a new country and at twelve years old as my father was working fourteen hour days building a new life for his family, I had to adapt. 

Attending school was very painful because I did not understand the language and sitting in a classroom full of children whose sounds were unrecognizable was a frightening experience. 

But in the sadness of it all, and the hardships, magic of humanity existed. Humanity that I will forever be grateful for. And I choose to remember those moments, the moment when a science teacher noticed my sadness. He allowed me to draw in his class the items I saw surrounding me, the microscope, the experiments, the charts. And at the end of the semester he was the only teacher that gave me an 80 rather than just a passing grade. He will never truly know what he did for me. He made me feel seen and he allowed me to feel as if I fit in, in a world that felt so strange and foreign.

Two more angels would forever change my life. As a twelve year old in middle school bullying sadly was my reality everyday. I was not fashion forward, I was wearing pig tails with bows as the girls wore hairdos covered in hairspray. I did not fit it and they surely reminded me of that. But one day as I was sitting in the playground shedding a few tears, two girls came up to me, held out their hands and took me under their wing. Today, 35 years later they are my dearest friends.

In life, no matter how dark things may seem, there is always light. You just have to look out for it. I am grateful for that period of my life. The difficult moments made me stronger and the beautiful moments made me a believer in the love and kindness in humanity.

-How does it feel to finally make your biggest passion a reality with the release of “Shine”? 

It truly is hard for me to describe in words what it feels like to give birth to a dream that I held onto for forty seven years. The emotions are so powerful. What I can say is that when I sing and create music I am home in my heart, a place of such bliss and happiness, a place that I never want to leave. All of my life I referred to singing as “my dream” But something happens when it is no longer a dream but a reality. I became who I was always meant to be and there is nothing more freeing and beautiful than that.

I hope that what I create in the world of music will heal hearts, I hope that it will inspire hope and love and maybe even create a little bit of magic. The world surely needs every bit of magic, especially now.

Thank You D’Lemor!

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