Land Of Talk – "Now You Want To Live In The Light"


Land Of Talk – "Now You Want To Live In The Light"

At the end of the month, Land Of Talk’s Elizabeth Powell will finally release her new album, Indistinct Conversations, the follow-up to 2017’s Life After Youth. Due to its pandemic-induced delay, we’ve heard a good chunk of singles from it — “Weight Of That Weekend,” “Compelled,” “Diaphanous,” and “Footnotes” — and today we’re getting another one called “Now You Want To Live In The Light.”

It’s soft and lovely, a strumming acoustic guitar occasionally punctured by glimmering some subdued drumming. “Coulda rolled all night in this hot country/ Take a deep breath and you reach out to me,” her voice quivers on it. In its accompanying video, Powell sits in the back of a trailer seeming a little trapped. Powell called the song “a poem set to music. A tender negotiation between the light and dark parts of ourselves.”

Check it out below.

Indistinct Conversations is out 7/31 via Saddle Creek. Pre-order it here.

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