Buck Meek – "Roll Back Your Clocks"


Buck Meek – "Roll Back Your Clocks"

Big Thief guitarist Buck Meek put out his self-titled debut album in 2018. Since then, Big Thief has had their big year and Meek is back to making some stuff of his own, recording a track that he wrote during coronavirus lockdown called “Rock Back Your Clocks.” It’s pretty and plaintive, produced by Andrew Sarlo and put together distantly with the five members of Buck Meek’s band, who recorded all of their parts separately without hearing each other’s contributions. Those were then laid down to make the final track.

“[It’s] a reminder to trust our telepathic instincts, and to value the connection with our loved ones as something that we always have access to, even in solitude, regardless of proximity,” Meek said in a statement. “It felt healing to create, and we hope that it will help bring some sense of peace to you.”

Listen below.

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