Lékan Tella Levels Up With New Electro-R&B Single “Savannah Red”


Lékan Tella Levels Up With New Electro-R&B Single “Savannah Red”

Nigerian-American singer-songwriter Lékan Tella has just dropped new music. Following-up on his widely acclaimed debut single called “Emptiness,” the skilled artist is back with a new drop titled “Savannah Red,” a soft and soulful hym home to some of the most beautiful soothing retro tones, directly inspired by 80’s pop and 90’s r&b. Lékan Tella takes sensuality to a whole new level on “Savannah Red,” while he sings: “You know what you are to me. But tonight is the perfect night, and I just wanna be how I wanna be.”

The name of the song was inspired by the lighting of the studio session at the time when he recorded the song, and the bright reddish-orange light that the studio owner finally created to get Tella’s approval and described as savannah red, also inspired Lékan to name the song after this color. 

His ethereal voice pairs beautifully with the instrumental, and after “Emptiness,” “Savannah Red” will undoubtedly help Lékan Tella make a solid reputation around his one of a kind music. 

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