Stream Brazilian Punk Band Futuro’s Righteous New EP Os Segredos Do Espaço E Tempo


Stream Brazilian Punk Band Futuro’s Righteous New EP Os Segredos Do Espaço E Tempo

Three years ago, I had the great pleasure of seeing the Brazilian punk band Futuro play a raw, grimy, exciting 15-minute set in a Charlottesville living room. They’d just played Damaged City, the big hardcore and punk festival in DC, and they were apparently getting a little bit of American DIY touring in before they had to go back home. They absolutely fucking ruled. After that show, I heard nothing else from the band, so I just figured that they had ceased to exist. Nope! They’ve got a new EP out now, and it kicks ass.

Futuro’s new EP is called Os Segredos Do Espaço E Tempo — Portuguese for The Secrets Of Space And Time — and it’s the first thing that Futuro have put out since their 2017 EP A Torre Da Derrota. The new record has six songs, and they mix classically urgent lo-fi punk rock speed with bleary-eyed psychedelic guitar spirals. A couple of tracks get into some some Stooges-style mutant garage-rock flail, too. And the EP ends with a cover of “The Third Eye,” a furious 1967 acid-rocker from the California band the Dovers. Futuro forcefully make the case that this song was pretty much already punk rock.

Futuro also have frontwoman Camila Leão, who roars out most of her lyrics in Portuguese and who makes this already-intense music a whole lot more urgent and galvanizing. The combination of Leão’s presence and that sound makes for some extremely good shit. I bought a Futuro shirt at that living-room show, and I wear it constantly, but nobody has ever said one word about it to me. That tells me that more of you need to be up on Futuro! I heartily recommend that you stream the EP below.

Os Segredos Do Espaço E Tempo is out now, and you can get it at Bandcamp. (You can also find the English translations of the lyrics there.) I should probably also mention that Futuro have been around for about a decade and that they have a couple of full-length albums to their credit. Check out 2015’s Hábitos Ruins; it rocks.

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