Dogan Drops A Mesmerizing EP Dolce


Dogan Drops A Mesmerizing EP Dolce

Derrick Dogan is out with a debut EP called Dolce, a collection of six lavish and lustrous songs. With stand out tracks like “Broken Mailbox” and “Money Moves”, this is an EP to cherish for rap fans. Dogan is a highly successful artist and life enthusiast who travels a lot and puts his fascinating experiences into rhymes. His main goal is to show the world that anyone can live the lifestyle they want as he is the number one exemplar of that.

“Smooth Operatin” is a song off the EP which is on the one hand a tribute to the unparalleled singer Sade’s “Smooth Operator”. On the other hand, Dogan shows a glimpse of his own life through the authentic rapping and trap beats, aiming to inspire others to experience life to the fullest.  

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