Good Citizen Mark Hoppus Saved a Deer From Drowning


Good Citizen Mark Hoppus Saved a Deer From Drowning

Mark Hoppus has done a lot in his music career and beyond, but now he can say that’s a true friend to deer. Confused? Don’t be.

In an Instagram post, the Blink-182 bassist/singer shared that while he was cruising around Redfish Lake in Idaho, he discovered a deer that somehow managed to end up in the said lake.

“No idea how it got there. It was panicked, shivering, panting, tired, swimming in circles. I got on the swim step and we pulled up alongside it and I was able to get my arms around the bottom of its neck and tried to pull it up but it was too heavy,” Hoppus explained in the post, which was accompanied by a video of the incident.

“So for twenty minutes we slowly shepherded this deer across the lake, like herding goats in Twilight Princess, to the nearest shore. We got there and the deer stumbled out of the water, looked back at us for a few seconds, and bounded off into the woods. We saved a deer today!!”

And there you have it.

Life apparently is never boring in Idaho, and as Hoppus can attest, this is growing up.

A few weeks ago, we caught up with Hoppus’ Blink-182 bandmate Travis Barker who filled us in on what’s going on with him and teased some news about a new Blink song. Blink-182 released a video for “Happy Days” that included both fans and their celebrity pals at the onset of quarantine.

Check out Hoppus’ full post below.

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