JGOTITT Announces His Latest Banger With Visuals – “Dripp”


JGOTITT Announces His Latest Banger With Visuals – “Dripp”

Atlanta-based rapper songwriter JGOTITT  met music producer Gregory “D” Blake in 2019 and later joined Blake’s music company Hits On Fye Inc that eventually brought him to the recording of the debut song “Dripp”.

Being through so many difficulties in his life, the young rapper didn’ break down and made the right decision when following his mother’s precious advice of taking rapping seriously.

Аll of the above resulted in the creation of not only a fiery track but also a smashing music video with the presence of all the necessities that a classic Hip-Hop music video requires – beautiful ladies, twerking, pole dancing, club scenes, booze, brotherhood and the main performer JGOTITT,  who exudes confidence, strength and gangsta style.

Мake sure you do not miss the honor of becoming that one person in your neighborhood who plays this dripping hit while cruising down the streets in your car before this track becomes mainstream.

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