Listen to Glenn Danzig Cover Elvis Presley's "One Night"


Listen to Glenn Danzig Cover Elvis Presley's "One Night"

Glenn Danzig shared “One Night,” the first song from his upcoming Danzig Sings Elvis album.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Danzig explained the origin of the long-awaited album.

“I got into Elvis because I hated going to school, so I would play hooky a lot or cut school, and I’d stay home and watch old movies,” the veteran hard rock singer said.

He also shared the first time that he performed an Elvis cover.

“We started doing “Trouble” with [Danzig’s band between the Misfits and Danzig] Samhain. But I remember even back in the Misfits days, we would cover an Elvis song here or there. I know that we did “Got a Lot o’ Livin’ to Do” once live and “Blue Christmas” once, we started it out like regular Elvis and then made it all punky after that, at a Christmas show. I’m pretty sure Jerry [Only, Misfits bassist] is still a big Elvis fan,” he said.

“In Danzig, we did “One Night” acoustically and we did it loud, too. And of course we did “Trouble.” But I wanted to take a different approach with this record, and that’s what we did,” Danzig continued.

Danzig’s upcoming shows in San Francisco and Los Angeles to promote the album have been postponed due to coronavirus. Danzig Sings Elvis is out on April 24. But you can listen to the crunchy version of “One Night” below:

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