Pink Floyd's David Gilmour Releases First Solo Song in Five Years


Pink Floyd's David Gilmour Releases First Solo Song in Five Years

Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour is back with his first new song in five years. The song, “Yes, I Have Ghosts,” was released in conjunction with his wife’s (Holly Samson) audiobook for her recently released novel. The song wasn’t available on its own until today. The song features Gilmour’s daughter Romany.

“Polly’s vivid and poetic writing, coupled with her very natural narration voice, made joining forces to produce the audio version of A Theatre for Dreamers a fantastic and fulfilling experience,” Gilmour said in a statement. “The audiobook format has so much untapped potential, and I am surprised more musicians have not creatively collaborated with authors, narrators and audiobook producers in this way before. The two worlds seem to seamlessly link, and music can really help to bring audiobooks to life in unexpected new ways.”

Gilmour and Samson, along with their kids, have livestreamed shows calling themselves the Von Trapped during quarantine. Gilmour has covered Leonard Cohen and Syd Barrett during the shows. He was also recently called out by Roger Waters for not allowing him to use the Pink Floyd social media to share his versions of Floyd songs and accuses Gilmour of scrubbing him from the Floyd website.

Listen to the song below.

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