Soccer Mommy Set to Do Digital 8-Bit Music Video Tour


Soccer Mommy Set to Do Digital 8-Bit Music Video Tour

When Soccer Mommy dropped her sophomore record, color theory earlier this year, she was looking forward to playing it live for everyone. But then the coronavirus pandemic hit. So she had to think of another way to share it.

Welcome to Soccer Mommy’s digital 8-bit music video tour.

After doing a digital concert on Club Penguin Rewritten a few weeks ago, Sophia Allison thought it would be great to keep the fun going. With the assistance of video director Bella Clark, the 8-bit music video tour will allow users to see Soccer Mommy go and play at the cities that the band was meant to play live.

“It’s really hard having our tour be postponed because I was really excited to play all of the songs on color theory for everyone, ‘crawling in my skin’ in particular,” Allison says. “I hope this little 8-bit performance can hold everyone over until the tour can happen.”

She recently “performed” “crawling in my skin,” which you can watch here.

Find out more information on how to download and watch the digital tour here.

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