Welcome Hot Mondy’s Wild And Thrilling New Song “Desert Moonlight”


Welcome Hot Mondy’s Wild And Thrilling New Song “Desert Moonlight”

Canadian band of five, Hot Mondy has already established itself as one of the most exciting groups of artists in country and rock music genres. They flawlessly blend styles together coming up with truly amazing soulful, familiar yet unexpected music that appeals to audiences of all backgrounds. 

Hot Mondy has released several beautiful songs that border country, rock, and Americana. The first song of an EP, “Pale Ember” was a heartfelt story, and its cinematic representation completed the ensemble. Recently, the band came out with “Desert Moonlight”, a mysterious composition with a familiar sound one cannot stop listening to. The video clip for this song was directed by Brad Tobler of Imagine That Films. An epic video, it takes the audience through time and space back to the wild, wild west with its majestic guitar and bass chords and the deep vocals.

The members are Matt Rhind at lead vocals, Travis Flint with rhythm guitar and vocals, Troy Arseneault on lead guitar, Mat Budreski on acoustic guitar and backgrounds, and Matt Brannon with bass and backgrounds. Being dedicated to their art and talent, the members of the band are already popular with tens of thousands of views on YouTube and Spotify. Their next singles will be highly anticipated for sure.

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