Boston’s Cakeswagg Delves Into The 1920s In “Big Plays” Video

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Boston’s Cakeswagg Delves Into The 1920s In “Big Plays” Video

One of the OGs of Boston’s Hip Hop community, aka Cakeswagg, picked up steam with her latest banger “Big Plays.” The blazing hit arrived with a music video inspired by the 1920’s, which the artist describes as a rebirth of a new era, “ I felt like that was a time in history where a lot of barriers and rules were broken and a new age of music began and that’s how my year and career is going to be from this year and on and I felt as though that would be the perfect representation of that.”

The clip starts with her walking into a club wearing a beautiful flapper dress, while in a parallel shot, she’s seen playing the violin and smoking a pipe. Shot by Clips Films, the visuals are mostly filmed in an underground Jazz club, where visitors can be whoever they want without any restrictions or impositions. Cakeswagg worked on the concept with her design team, consisting of the set designer; Mahogany Expressions, hairstylist; Ashley Pink Beauty, stylist; Shante Golding, and makeup artist; Maya Beatz. 

Cakeswagg drops the beat and raps: “It’s still big cake I get it f*cking baking/ This ain’t no pop smoke but still f*cking shaking/ And you prolly won’t last if you hesitating/ Cuz don’t nobody hold the crown so that shits for the taking/ My b*tches choosey, we get boujee on you f*cking goofy/ Sorry Pooky , he a groupie  , I ain’t pop no coochie/ If you get crazy , I can promise , you gon lose a few things/ I’m still sturdy ,  do some proving if you wanna move me.”

“Big Plays” is a part of Cakeswagg’s revival project. The Boston rapper is fully focused on achieving her goals and hopes to “keep on working on getting better and better.” She is at the moment preparing for her upcoming releases, which include a full-length album and a single.

Watch the official music video for “Big Plays” here:

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