EP: Dave, Central Cee ‘Split Decision’

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EP: Dave, Central Cee ‘Split Decision’


Happy Birthday!

In honor of their birthdays, two of London’s finest, Dave and Central Cee come to a Split Decision for their collaborative EP.

Featuring four tracks, the British rappers spearhead their joint effort with “Sprinter” followed by “Trojan Horse”, “Our 25th Birthday”, and “UK Rap”. On the production side, Santan, Jo Caleb, Jonny Leslie, Kamal., and Kyle Evans all lend their contributions.

Split Decision arrives on the heels of Dave’s 25th birthday (Jun. 5) and Central Cee’s 25th birthday (Jun. 4). It marks Dave’s first solo music since last year’s “My 24th Birthday” and Central Cee’s first since “Me & You” in February.

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