Ep!K Takes His Artistry To A Whole New Level With “Dancing By Myself”

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Ep!K Takes His Artistry To A Whole New Level With “Dancing By Myself”

Contemporary vocalist, sound engineer, and producer Ep!K has been making the buzz lately, especially since the release of his latest track, “Dancing By Myself”, a song off his upcoming album. 

A versatile artist involved in the entire creative, recording, and production process of music, he unleashes some extraordinary skills in the slow-paced and flawlessly executed new hit track “Dancing By Myself.” Merging electronica with R&B and Hip-Hop seems to be his inner calling, so much these seamlessly fart-apart genres intertwine hypnotically in Ep!k’s latest release. 

Focusing on the theme of loneliness, “Dancing By Myself” is deeply profound and triggers a myriad of emotions on the listener’s part. 

Speaking about that feeling of loneliness, Ep!k shares: “Reflecting on my life and how I felt going to clubs and parties…The feeling of not being able to feel what was going on in terms of the energy and how everyone was living in this world of escapism. That experience put me in a position where I felt alone regardless of who was around me.”

Ep!K follows up on the album The Message That Never Got Sent, which includes “Blame Me” and “Hateful Love”, some of his most popular tracks to date. He also has a Patreon profile where fans can support him. 

An introspective artist who fearlessly extracts the essence of human experience on a deeply personal level, his unique artistry is set to conquer millions thanks to his hypnotic art. 

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