Flo Milli “Nasty Dancer”

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Flo Milli “Nasty Dancer”


Flo Milli, you so nasty.

Flo Milli is dancing as nasty as she wants to be on her new single, “Nasty Dancer”.

On the track, the Mobile, Alabama rapper puts it on the fellas with her freaky moves and her racy lyrics.

“He know this shit get real / I make it clap in red bottom heels,” she raps with her sassy flow. “I ain’t been counting my haters but I swear, I’m countin’ this cash / If I let him hit then how long can he last?”

“Nasty Dancer” arrives on the heels of her “Conceited (Remix)” featuring Lola Brooke and Maiya The Don and is her first single since last summer’s You Still Here, Ho? album. She closed out the year with her appearance on Ludacris’ “Buying All Black” with PJ.

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