Take On a Journey With Lo’renzo To’rez 

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Take On a Journey With Lo’renzo To’rez 

Lo’renzo To’rez breaks stereotypes with his unique music. Soulful and unexpected, each of his songs is a story, told through a magical medium of music. Lo’renzo’s “Closing The Door” that has generated around 500K streams, is the story of a broken heart where the artists showcases his vocal skills. As he mentioned before, Lo’renzo “lives his music” which affirms the feeling of relatability to both the artist and his songs.

“Live Again”, Lo’renzo To’rez’ latest single, is another emotional creation about a similar story but in this case the artist allows notes of hopefulness and self-care to shine through. The singer now knows what he wants and will keep looking for it despite the heartbreak which is worthy of admiration. 

Lo’renzo To’rez can be found on:  InstagramSpotifyTikTokSoundcloudTwitter

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