Toosii “Last Song”

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Toosii “Last Song”

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After sharing his “Heartaches“, Toosii takes a break from social media and leaves behind what may be his “Last Song”.

Over gentle pianos, the loose track finds the Syracuse-Raleigh rapper opening up to his fans regarding the pain and struggles that he recently endured. Toosii touches on mental issues, “But I know that you’ll love me when I’ll be gone / I’ve been battling depression for a while now,” he reveals. “Keep a smile on my face, know my fans be so damn proud / Tour in November, how I’m supposed to see the fans now.”)

Elsewhere, he touches on relationship issues (“Why the fuck I’m twenty-two and I’m still hurting?
Why the fuck I feel so worthless? / Why you tell me you love me if you nervous? / Scared a nigga gon’ cheat, guess I deserve it.”) and possibly hanging up the mic. (“Tell my fans “This might just be my last song” / I know that I’m dead wrong / But I know that you’ll love me when I’ll be gone.”)

The release also came with a message from his digital team “Toosii will no longer be on social media for a while,” reads his latest posted on Instagram. “He wants his fans to know he loves them and that he hopes you all are still friends. He says he’s fine he just wants to clear his head and that everyone should take breaks sometimes.”

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