Video: EST Gee “Undefeated”

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Video: EST Gee “Undefeated”


Another one.

CMG’s EST Gee’s taking no losses on his new record, “Undefeated”, produced by Johngotitt and Veno The Builder.

Along with the release, the video follows the Louisville rapper performing on tour and running down his track record of endless wins from the back of his Rolls Royce.

“Nigga, I’m undefeated, streets ain’t beat me, the police neither,” he raps while counting his money. “I ain’t got no sympathy for nobody ignoring what I’m teaching / I ain’t no motherfuckin’ preacher, I’m more comfortable with demons / I spent whole weeks in the beater, stinkin’ out here, I ain’t leaving.”

“Undefeated” arrives following EST Gee’s previous releases “Blow Up” and “If I Stop Now“, which are all expected to appear on his next project, MAD.

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