Video: G-Eazy “Tulips & Roses”

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Video: G-Eazy “Tulips & Roses”


After a few months off, G-Eazy gives himself the flowers he deserves on his new single, “Tulips & Roses”.

In the black-and-white video, the Oakland rapper is centered out in Paris with his companion where he reflects on his career and success.

“When you walk away, they’ll miss you,” he raps from the Eiffel Tower. “But stay away too long, they might forget you / ‘Cause nothing ever lasts forever / Nothing ever lasts forever.” he continues from the audience of a show while a couple of thugs robs his hotel suite.

“Tulips & Robbers” is G-Eazy’s first release since his “Party With The Gang” with P-Lo and FredoBagz.

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