Video: Larry June, The Alchemist “60 Days”

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Video: Larry June, The Alchemist “60 Days”


Lots of shit happens in “60 Days”.

Bay Area’s Larry June and producer The Alchemist connect for their new collaboration, “60 Days”.

Directed by Sean Kelly, Good Job Larry and Al pull up to a plush estate in the desert out West where they kick it and polish up on their upcoming project.

“Fresh game, touchdown, played for four seasons / She made a thousand the first night, I told her she can keep it,” raps Larry before Alchemist steps in with a verse of his own. “My leather coat is dragging in the dirt / I got buff from baggaging the work, boasts Al. “I’m at the table, I’m having a dessert / Three-piece suit with a napkin in the shirt”.

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