Video: Larry June, The Alchemist “Porsches In Spanish”

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Video: Larry June, The Alchemist “Porsches In Spanish”


Coming on the heels of their The Great Escape, Larry June and The Alchemist pull up with the accompanying video for the album’s previously released, “Porsches In Spanish”.

Directed by Miggs and Marcela Recio, the pair bring out their Porsches and cruise Mexico City while soaking in everything the country has to offer.

“‘Bout to make another play, looking for a better deal,” raps Larry over Al’s soulful production. “Water with the chlorophyll, walking through a money / And we getting money still, but thеy don’t really see the grind.”

The Great Escape features 15 songs with collaborations from Big Sean, Action Bronson, Ty Dolla $ign, Boldy James, Evidence, Jay Worthy, and more.

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