Video: Rod Wave “Call Your Friends”

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Video: Rod Wave “Call Your Friends”


Do I ever cross your mind?

Rod Wave preaches the importance of checking in on love ones with his new single, “Call Your Friends”.

In the accompanying video, Rod shares raw footage of his day-to-day from spending time with family and friends to relaxing on a private jet, video shoots, and more.

“I’m cooling, most days I just be cooling / Everybody got they own life and they own problems,” he sings on the hook. He continues, “This life’s too short for grudges, call ’em / To the girl who got my heart forever, open my line / To my niggas down the road, one call at a time / My phone never ring to see if I’m doing fine / Even though I be so caught up on the grind.”

“Call Your Friends” checks in following March’s “Fight The Feeling” and are both off his upcoming album, Nostalgia which is due September 15.

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