Oso Oso – “all of my love”

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Oso Oso – “all of my love”


In 2022, Oso Oso released Sore Thumb, the album that bandleader Jade Lilitri recorded with his late cousin and bandmate Tavish Maloney just before Maloney’s passing. The record served as Lilitri’s tribute to Maloney, and it was one of our favorites of the year. Oso Oso followed that album with the stray single “De Facto” at the end of 2022, and now they’ve come out with their first new track since then.

At least for now, Oso Oso’s new single “all of my life” is a standalone single, but there’s a not-yet-announced album in the works, so this is probably an early taste. It’s a light, sunny guitar-pop jam with some big hooks and some well-timed digital handclaps. In a press release, Jade Lilitri says, “When I’m singing with an acoustic guitar at home, my dog thinks I’m crying or something and doesn’t like it and will do everything in his power to stop it. I was writing this song one day and he was doing his usual crying and pleading to get me to stop. Then I started singing this chorus at him and that was the birth of this song.” Check it out below.

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