Video: Spottie Wifi Ft. Jim Jones “Buy The Dips”

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Video: Spottie Wifi Ft. Jim Jones “Buy The Dips”


Get some mo!

Crypto punk rapper connects with Jim Jones in his new music video, “Buy The Dips”.

Directed by Street Heat Film’s Will C and Tana, Spottie and Capo touch on their hustle behind the cryptocurrency space from a futuristic set filled with animation and special effects.

“I’mma teach you how to flip / Buy the dip / Sell the rip / Turn a ETH into a whip,” raps Wifi over the Stefan Clark-produced track, while Capo adds, “Make a million off a Blockchains / Then hit the jeweler by a watch chain / Then do my dance while I’m on a yacht by an open sea when the yak came.”

“Buy The Dips” is the lead single for his upcoming album, The King’s Alpha due April 28 with other features from Bun B, Snoop Dogg, and more.

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