2nd Grade Announce Debut Album, Share 2 New Songs: Listen


2nd Grade Announce Debut Album, Share 2 New Songs: Listen

Philadelphia musician Peter Gill, who has played with Friendship and Free Cake For Every Creature over the years, has rounded up a crew of fellow Philly musicians, among them members of Remember Sports, for a new project called 2nd Grade. Their debut album, Hit To Hit, is coming out at the end of next month, and it’s bursting with 24 tracks of catchy indie-pop.

To kick things off, they’re sharing two songs from the album, “Velodrome” and “My Bike.” The first reminds me a bit of another Double Double Whammy band, Quarterbacks, who also packed teetering and tender hooks into compact packages. The second is a little more burnt-out, but it captures the kind of flying-at-top-speed complacency that comes with zooming around on two wheels. “I don’t need much, if anything,” Gill sings on it. “I think I’m happy, yes I really do/ Just riding around and listening.”

Watch a video for both songs below.

01 “W2″
02 “Trigger Finger”
03 “Velodrome”
04 “Something I’ll Have To Remember”
05 “Baby’s First Words”
06 “100 Hours”
07 “Dennis Hopper In Easy Rider”
08 “Shooting From The Hip”
09 “Over And Over”
10 “Bye-bye Texas”
11 “You’re So Cool”
12 “My Bike”
13 “Sunkist”
14 “Not Tn The Band”
15 “Sucking the Thumb”
16 “Boys In Heat”
17 “Jazz Chorus”
18 “Try To Be on My Side Now”
19 “When You Were My Sharona”
20 “Maybe I”
21 “Summer Interlude”
22 “Flavor of the Week”
23 “Summer Of Your Dreams”
24 “Stevens”

Hit To Hit is out 5/29 via Double Double Whammy. Pre-order it here.

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