Absolutely Free – “Remaining Light”


Absolutely Free – “Remaining Light”

It’s been nearly seven years since the Toronto pop experimentalists Absolutely Free released their self-titled debut. In a few months, they’ll finally follow it up with the new Jorge Elbrecht-produced album Aftertouch. We’ve already posted early track “How To Paint Clouds,” as well as “Still Life,” a song originally released in 2018. Today, Absolutely Free have also shared another singer called “Remaining Light.”

“Remaining Light” has a title that’s almost certainly a Talking Heads riff, and you can hear a bit of mid-period Heads influence in the hypnotic production on this six-minute track. But Absolutely Free’s harmonies are more reminiscent of shaggy Fleet Foxes-style folk-rock. In a statement on the song, Absolutely Free had this to say:

“Remaining Light” expresses the frustration felt towards invincible and corrupt institutions that uphold structural inequities, including police brutality and manufactured poverty experienced primarily by racialized communities. Written during a heat wave in the summer of 2016, the song dishearteningly remains as relevant as ever today.

Listen below.

Aftertouch is out 9/24 on Boiled Records. Pre-order it here.

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