Alice Boman – “Feels Like A Dream” (Feat. Perfume Genius)


Alice Boman – “Feels Like A Dream” (Feat. Perfume Genius)

The Swedish singer-songwriter Alice Boman has been putting out music for nearly a decade, and Mike Hadreas, the musician known to most of us as Perfume Genius, is a fan. This fall, Boman will release The Space Between, the new album that she recorded with Charli XCX/Robyn collaborator Patrik Berger. For the new single “Feels Like A Dream,” Boman teams up with Perfume Genius.

Boman and Perfume Genius got together via Instagram DM. In a press release, Mike Hadreas speaks of his admiration for Boman’s music: “I have been listening to Alice for a long time, and her music has been a particular comfort to me over the last couple of years. There is sadness and longing in her songs, but always in tandem with a singular warmth and generosity.” “Feels Like A Dream” is a quiet, pretty, minimal love song that makes great use of stillness and intimacy. Boman and Hadreas’ voices mesh nicely.

In a press release, Alice Boman has this to say:

In the past, I’ve written a lot of songs about disappointments, heartbreaks, and the longing for love. Being in love — I thought it would be so hard to write songs about that. Not wanting to sound too cheesy. But love can be cheesy. And this song is about how it sometimes feels like a dream to be with that someone. Especially when you’ve been wondering if you’d ever find love.

Me and Mike have been writing to each other on Instagram here and there. Once we, talked about maybe doing a cover of a mutual favorite song, Fleetwood Mac’s “Storms.” When I talked to Mike about doing something together for the album I was working on and sent him a few demos, he chose “Feels Like A Dream.” I think it works beautifully as a duet — us representing and singing from the two sides of a relationship. I have listened to Perfume Genius for a long time and love his voice and sound, and I’m thrilled that he wanted to be a part of this.

Alice Boman and longtime collaborator Jeanne Lula Chauveau directed the video for “Feels Like A Dream.” Check it out below.

The Space Between is out 10/21 on [PIAS].

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