Allison Lorenzen – “Words” (Low Cover)

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Allison Lorenzen – “Words” (Low Cover)


Right now, amidst the revival of interest in shoegaze and related genres, slowcore might be bigger than it’s ever been, and the greatest slowcore band of all time isn’t around to see it. Last year, Low’s Mimi Parker died at the age of 55. Many of Parker’s peers and admirers — including Robert Plant and Suzi Dian, Death Cab For Cutie, Jeff Tweedy, and Storefront Church and Phoebe Bridgers — paid tribute by covering Low. Now, the Flenser, the great experimental heavy-music label, is planning a full Low tribute album.

The Flenser has been planning the forthcoming tribute compilation Your Voice Is Not Enough since before Mimi Parker’s passing, and the record is dedicated to her memory. Planning For Burial’s Thom Wasluck was instrumental in planning the compilation, and that band appears on the album. So do Flenser labelmates and friends like Have A Nice Life, Midwife and Amulets, and Drowse with Lula Asplund.

Colorado dream-popper Allison Lorenzen has previously been on this site for teaming up with Midwife to cover Bush’s “Glycerine.” The first single from Your Voice Is Not Enough is Lorenzen’s soft, lovely take on “Words,” from Low’s classic 1994 debut I Could Live In Hope. Below, check out Lorenzen’s video for her cover, the clip for the Low original, and the Your Voice Is Not Enough tracklist.

01 Cremation Lily – “Weight Of Water”
02 Holy Water – “Sunflower”
03 Midwife & Amulets – “Do You Know How To Waltz”
04 Drowse – “Hey Chicago” (Feat. Lula Asplund)
05 Kathryn Mohr – “Cut”
06 Allison Lorenzen – “Words”
07 Planning For Burial – “Murderer”
08 Have A Nice Life – “When I Go Deaf”

Your Voice Is Not Enough doesn’t have a release date yet, but it’s coming next year on the Flenser.

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