ANOHNI And The Johnsons – “Breaking”

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ANOHNI And The Johnsons – “Breaking”


ANOHNI And The Johnsons are a thing again. Last year, ANOHNI got together with a new version of her old backing band and released My Back Was A Bridge For You To Cross. Last week, ANOHNI And The Johnsons announced their first North American tour in 15 years. Today, they’ve shared the brand new single “Breaking.”

“Breaking,” which does not seem to be about headspins and windmills, is a spare and elegant ballad. It’s got ANOHNI singing over some delicate guitar and what might be flute, and it’s lovely. AHOHNI co-wrote the track with producer Jimmy Hogarth, who’s worked on some big pop records and who will serve as part of the backing band on the forthcoming tour. Listen to the track below.

“Breaking” is out now on Rebis Music/Rough Trade.

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