Arca – “Incendio”


Arca – “Incendio”

Last year, Arca released her album KiCk i — supposedly, the first in a series of four. Since then, there’s been more music from Arca. Thus far this year, she’s released the Madre EP, and she’s remixed Lady Gaga. Today, Arca has shared “Incendio,” a new single that she’s been teasing online for months.

On “Incendio,” Arca raps in Spanish. It’s not her first time rapping on record; she did something similar on the KiCk i single “Ninbinary.” But it’s still striking. Arca’s “Incendio” lyrics reference The Matrix — “the girl bends the spoon with her mind” — raps about ashes on her forehead, and does a Busta Rhymes-style “woo-hah!” The striking backing track builds from clicks and whirrs into something more anthemic. The “Incendio” artwork features imagery from Frederik Heyman, who also worked with Arca on the “Nonbinary” video. Check out “Incendio” below.

Later today, a new Weirdcore-directed Arca performance will be streaming as part of the C2C Festival. The 55-minute performance is a benefit for Casa Rifugio Marcella, a temporary shelter for trans and nonbinary people, and it’ll air at 3PM eastern. You can register to watch it here.

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