“Baby I’m Good” Creator 5 Day Forecast To Return With New Single Titled “Elevate”


“Baby I’m Good” Creator 5 Day Forecast To Return With New Single Titled “Elevate”

Restating his exceptional talent and charisma, open-format DJ and producer, 5 Day Forecast, has blown away the crowds with songs like “Baby I’m Good” and “To The Edge.” The unstoppable force of nature is rumored to be returning with a new Dubstep track titled “Elevate.” 

Speaking of his latest “Baby I’m Good,”  5 Day Forecast admitted, “The track was inspired by some personal experiences I’ve had where I’ve gone through some tough breakups and had to keep telling myself that I’ll be okay even though my emotions weren’t aligning to that thought. I LOVE how the music video came out and think that it brings another layer to the song. I really wanted the video to tell the story about how a guy and girl try to find happiness and independence post breakup and think it came out awesome!”

5 Day Forecast, who is known for experimenting with different EDM sub-genres like Tropical House, Progressive House, Tech House, Dubstep, and Future House, may have hinted that the upcoming single is more Dubstep unlike the previous ones which were more Tropical and Tech House. 

“Elevate,” which will be accompanied by a music video, is set to be released in February, till then, enjoy 5 Day Forecast’s previous single below.

Watch the Official Video For “Baby I’m Good” here:

Listen to “Baby I’m Good” on Spotify:

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