Bad Bad Hats – “Sally Sweet Tooth”


Bad Bad Hats – “Sally Sweet Tooth”

Earlier this year, Minneapolis trio Bad Bad Hats released a new album, Walkman, and today they’re back with “Sally Sweet Tooth,” a spunky and inspired original holiday track. “We initially wrote ‘Sally Sweet Tooth’ a year ago for our Patreon page,” the band explain. “Every month we write an original song based around a musical theme. And December’s theme was ‘Christmas song’, of course.”

“I was listening to all the holiday classics to get inspired and I was struck by how many great characters there are in the Christmas canon: Rudolph, Frosty, a run-over Grandma,” the band continue. “So I wanted to add a new character to the mix. She’s a little sweet, she’s a little sassy. She’s Sally Sweet Tooth. And you’d be wise to give her your cookies.”

Check it out below.

“Sally Sweet Tooth” is out now via Don Giovanni.

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