Bad History Month – “Over The Hills”

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Bad History Month – “Over The Hills”


True Delusion is the new seven-song release from Bad History Month, Sean Sprecher’s long-running indie rock band, founded in Boston and now based in Philly. Is it an album? An EP? Whatever they’re calling it, closing track “Over The Hills” portends good things. It’s an incessantly strumming midtempo track with a vivid arrangement and a melody that slinks its way into your consciousness. On Bandcamp, the group writes, “Spring 2021. Vaccines. Everybody out again. I started my first rock band and joined a cult. The end of the world was good for me. Happiness is a true delusion. And all of it was real.” Interesting! Listen below.

True Delusion is out 7/7 on Julia’s War/Blight Records.

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