Billie Marten – “This Is How We Move”

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Billie Marten – “This Is How We Move”


Seven years ago, when she was 17 years old, we named Billie Marten an Artist To Watch. For the better part of a decade, she’s been proving us right. The English folk-pop singer-songwriter will return in April with her fourth album, Drop Cherries, in which cherries are a metaphor for offering someone your love and going out of your way to please them.

“Dropping cherries is such a strong, visceral image that I tried to channel throughout recording in Somerset and Wales, to capture the vibrancy, unpredictability, and occasional chaos one experiences within a relationship,” Marten says in a press release. “Imagine stamping blood-red cherries onto a clean, cream carpet and tell me that’s not how love feels.”

Lead single “This Is How We Move” is the kind of impossibly beautiful acoustic ballad that made me a Billie Marten fan in the first place, tender and gentle and twilit and just about perfect. Watch Katie Silvester’s video for the song below.

01 “New Idea”
02 “God Above”
03 “Just Us”
04 “I Can’t Get My Head Around You”
05 “Willow”
06 “Acid Tooth”
07 “Devil Swim”
08 “I Bend To Him”
09 “Nothing But Mine”
10 “Arrows”
11 “Tongue”
12 “This Is How We Move”
13 “Drop Cherries”

Drop Cherries is out 4/7 via A Fiction.

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