Blood Incantation Announce New Album Absolute Elsewhere

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Blood Incantation Announce New Album Absolute Elsewhere


Last year, Blood Incantation unleashed the two songs “Obliquity Of The Ecliptic” and “Luminescent Bridge,” both nearing ten minutes and following their 2022 ambient album Timewave Zero. Today, the Colorado death metal crew is announcing a new LP titled Absolute Elsewhere, as well as their own Stargate Research Society discord and Elsewhere Searcher app.

Absolute Elsewhere is our most potent audial extract/musical trip yet,” Paul Riedl explained, “like the soundtrack to a Herzog-style Sci-Fi epic about the history of/battle for human consciousness itself, via a 70s Prog album played by a 90s Death Metal band from the future.”

Absolute Elsewhere consists of the two 20-minute tracks “The Stargate” and “The Message.” Blood Incantation found influence in the mid-70s prog-rock collective Absolute Elsewhere, specifically their obscure 1976 album In Search Of Ancient Gods. Absolute Elsewhere was recorded at Hansa Tonstudios in Berlin in July 2023 with Arthur Rizk. Guests include Tangerine Dream’s Thorsten Quaeschning, Hällas’ Nicklas Malmqvist, and the Sijjin/ex-Necros Christos frontman Malte Gericke.

As for the Elsewhere Searcher app, read a description of it here:

Researchers at the society recently unearthed an 80’s era floppy disk containing vintage celestial tracker software. The researchers were able to re-activate the space tracker and through meticulous study of the visible solar system have noticed the appearance of a new red planet in the vicinity of Orion’s Belt. The researchers also claim that the new planet is intermittently emitting signals, although no recordings of these transmissions have been captured yet. The society has made their research available to the public in an effort to warn citizens of the planet’s rapid approach toward Earth, with a possible collision occurring in October 2024.

Absolute Elsewhere is out 10/4 on Century Media.

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