Blu DeTiger – “Disappearing” (Feat. Magdalena Bay)

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Blu DeTiger – “Disappearing” (Feat. Magdalena Bay)


Right now, the experimental LA pop duo Magdalena Bay seem primed for a major breakout moment. Their 2021 debut album Mercurial World stirred up a whole lot of excitement, and they followed it with the seven-song EP Mini-Mix Vol. 3 last year. Earlier this week, Magdalena Bay posted a cryptic social-media teaser, hinting that they’ll drop a new album this summer.

In the meantime, Magdalena Bay put in an appearance on the debut album from New York pop artist Blu DeTiger. DeTiger, the former touring bassist for Caroline Polachek and Bleachers, has been building up to the release of her LP All I Ever Want Is Everything for a while. We posted her Mallrat collab “Cut Me Down” last year, and the album also has songs co-written by people like Chappell Roan and Uffie. It’s also got the Magdalena Bay collab “Disappearing.”

“Disappearing” is a playful, sprightly pop jam with an appropriately busy bassline. Blu DeTiger and Magdalena Bay wrote and produced the track together, and you can hear it below.

If you’re intrigued, you can stream the whole Blu DeTiger album below.

All I Ever Want Is Everything is out now on Capitol.

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