Bonny Doon – “Naturally”

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Bonny Doon – “Naturally”


Country-rockers Bonny Doon have been coursing through the underground for quite some time, and they’ve gotten a brighter spotlight in recent years as Waxahatchee’s collaborators and touring band during the Saint Cloud cycle. Now the Detroit crew is preparing for a level-up of its own. Bonny Doon have signed to ANTI- and will release new album Let There Be Music in June.

Lead single “Naturally” serves up propulsive indie-pop twang backed by a drum machine and seasoned with French, a sound that will appeal to fans of peers like Nap Eyes and Friendship and forebears like Pavement and Yo La Tengo. “There’s a lot to talk about,” Bill Lennox sings on the chorus, “but we’ll let it happen naturally.” He shared this statement on the song’s genesis:

“Naturally” is a song where the musical development really mirrored the lyrical content, specifically the idea of leaning into a situation and letting it develop organically, in this case that of a relationship. The song began as a slow ballad and worked better as a more uptempo thing, and a certain sentiment only made sense when translated to French. It speaks to those kind of unexpected surprises we encounter when we surrender to the flow of things.

Watch Ian Rapnicki and Ben Collins’ video for “Naturally” below.

01 “San Francisco”
02 “Naturally”
03 “Crooked Creek”
04 “Let There Be Music”
05 “Maybe Today”
06 “You Can’t Stay The Same”
07 “Roxanne”
08 “On My Mind”
09 “Fine Afternoon”
10 “Famous Piano”

Let There Be Music is out 6/16 on ANTI-.

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