Bonny Doon – “On My Mind”

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Bonny Doon – “On My Mind”


The Detroit country-rock trio Bonny Doon backed up Waxahatchee on her Saint Cloud album and tour, and now they’re getting ready to release their own LP Let There Be Music. We’ve already posted Bonny Doon’s songs “San Francisco,” “Crooked Creek,” and “Naturally,” as well as the new album’s title track. Now, Bonny Doon have shared another advance track.

“On My Mind” is a bittersweet rumination on the people who aren’t in your life anymore. The sound is in that warm, blissful front-porch-jam zone, but the lyrics are a lot sadder than that. Talking about “On My Mind,” bandleader Bobby Colombo says:

I realized at some point that most of my thoughts, in one way or another, are just about people I know. Partners, crushes, family, friends active and friends estranged, people you barely know but who somehow manage to take up outsized psychic space, people no longer with us on this plane, etc. I don’t really know, but I would guess that’s true for most people. That’s what this song’s about

Listen below.

Let There Be Music is out 6/16 on ANTI-.

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