Bry Webb – “Thunder Bay”

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Bry Webb – “Thunder Bay”


Just a couple weeks ago we celebrated the 20th anniversary of the Constantines’ astounding sophomore album Shine A Light. Today the Cons’ frontman Bry Webb is back with news of his first solo album in nine years. Run With Me is coming in November, and lead single “Thunder Bay” is great despite sounding almost nothing like the Constantines. In place of that band’s gruff rallying cries and searing noise-punk, the track is understated and shimmery, with a rhythmic drive so subtle you might not notice how frenetic it is. Webb adopts a smooth vocal style that reminds me of classic mid-20th century pop music, and the music is seasoned with just the right amount of that old artful feedback.

01 “Webb”
02 “I Can’t See You”
03 “Older Than The Dirt”
04 “Outbound Only, No Return”
05 “Goodbye”
06 “What I Do”
07 “Modern Mind”
08 “Thunder Bay”
09 “Ask Me Everything”
10 “She Is Here”

Run With Me is out 11/3 on Idée Fixe. Pre-order it here.

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