Buckle Up for Elisa’s Sensual Hit Single “No One Compares”


Buckle Up for Elisa’s Sensual Hit Single “No One Compares”

The US-based singer, songwriter, and entrepreneur, Elisa Sint Jago—best known as Elisa worldwide—recently dropped her new single “No One Compares,” featuring the famous rapper Outlaw Jacc.

The alluring track, once again, displays the singer’s sultry vocals and magnificent abilities to get the crowd moving. The song’s lyrics are too close to home and relatable for most of Elisa’s audience, allowing them to connect with the artist on an even deeper level. Her captivating sound is the clear highlight of the track, as it perfectly balances out Outlaw Jacc’s calm rap demeanor.

Elisa comes from a multicultural background and an early life of musical influence. Aside from her artistic creations, she is also the proud owner of 3 successful businesses. Her motivation, confidence, and determination are what makes this talented artist a hit and success on various projects. She often refers to her time spent touring with Mary J. Blige as the epitome of her musical career and a definite push to strive and succeed in her own tracks.

The addictive track, “No One Compares,” is the perfect melody to get to know Elisa’s exceptional sound—if you have not already done so.

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