Bully Cover Nirvana & Orville Peck: Listen


Bully Cover Nirvana & Orville Peck: Listen

Bully have joined the onslaught of indie artists releasing new music today as Bandcamp waives its share of the purchase price. Like former Priests singer Katie Alice Greer, Alicia Bognanno has chosen to release a pair of covers. Bognanno opted for songs originally released by Sub Pop, Bully’s current label home.

Up first is a faithful reading of the early Nirvana classic “About A Girl” that fares much better than Puddle Of Mudd’s recent attempt. The B-side has much more recent source material: It’s “Turn To Hate” from Orville Peck’s 2019 debut album Pony, a song that sounds incredible in Bully’s rocket-fueled garage rock style. In a note accompanying the songs, Bognanno implies the follow-up to Bully’s 2017 sophomore album Losing is on the way:

Normally during this time I’d be running around trying to promote the upcoming record and rehearsing to get ready to tour again but given the circumstances I’m trying to work with what I can do at home alone. I picked a couple sub pop songs to cover to release something in the meantime. I played everything on these songs (for better or worse haha) and tracked them in my living room. Gotta do what ya gotta to spice it up sometimes. Anywho more soon!!

Hear both covers below, and maybe even buy ‘em too.

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