Carb On Carb – “Grounded”

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Carb On Carb – “Grounded”


In the summer of 2021, the New Zealand emo duo Carb On Carb gave us two standalone singles, “Here Comes The Best Bit” and “Be My Mirror.” They’ve given us another new track today, but this one is the beginning of an album rollout.

“Grounded” is as sweetly melodious and melancholic as you could want from Carb On Carb, a plaintive pop song with a skip in its step and guitar action to spare. “Left alone with my own thoughts/ Nothing’s fine I’m torn,” goes the pre-chorus. “Waiting to feel the cold/ And wishing for the storm.” To their Bandcamp followers, the band writes, “Sneaking this out a few hours early for the bandcamp real ones 3. First of our new album out later this year, hoping you like it!” I do like it, Carb On Carb!

Listen below.

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