Cola – “Pulling Quotes”

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Cola – “Pulling Quotes”


Cola’s new album The Gloss is slated for release next Friday. It’s shaping up to be a good one, with singles like “Keys Down If You Stay,” “Bitter Melon,” “Pallor Tricks,” and “Albatross” building the anticipation. Today, the Montreal post-punk crew is sharing one last taste with “Pulling Quotes.”

“Ben sent us this demo with music based on the melodic limitations of the Uilleann pipes, which he is learning to play (the bassline is mimicking the drone of the pipes),” Tim Darcy explained. He continued:

He and Evan then recorded a demo together that they were really happy with. I’ll admit I wasn’t drawn to it initially but they kept reiterating their enthusiasm for it. I finally sat down and wrote the whole vocal in one afternoon, pretty nearly in final form which rarely happens.

Lyrically, it’s a song about a relationship where two people are approaching each other like journalists, or perhaps even are journalists. The music is so bright and open I felt the lyrics needed to be a bit cheeky to match the tone. There is definitely some pathos, though, in the darkness of the bridge.

The song comes with a music video directed by member Ben Stidworthy. “For me, the video could be seen as a reflection on the cycles of desire and deception in our relationships, and the interference running through that arc — the endless doom scrolling and stalking and assumptions and projections and repeating all these roles we think we should be playing that we’ve seen on TV,” Stidworthy said. “It’s about navigating through all this mediation, and trying to make sense of what’s real in the density and mess of it all.”

Watch it below.

The Gloss is out 6/14 on Fire Talk.

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