Constant Smiles – “Run To Stay”


Constant Smiles – “Run To Stay”

Constant Smiles are an indie rock collective led and anchored by sole constant member Ben Jones, originally formed on Martha’s Vineyard in 2009. Now 15 albums into their career, they’ve signed to Sacred Bones for the release of the newly announced album Paragons, named for Jones’ “attempt to be a more exemplary person since getting sober” and the friends who have supported him. And today, Jones and company are sharing lead single “Run To Stay.”

“‘Run To Stay’ is about not being present in the moment, and struggling with antisocial tendencies,” Jones explains. “Like when you’re at a party or talking to someone but you’re only half paying attention to what they’re saying because you can’t stop thinking about other things you need to do. Or when you avoid hanging out with friends because you want to work on music or something, but nothing comes to you so you just end up sitting around all day.”

The video, directed by the band themselves, features its members all traveling somewhere at night by different modes of transportation. “We were trying to capture that anxious feeling of always needing to be somewhere or be doing something else but realizing that it isn’t ever that important,” Jones says in a statement. Watch and listen to “Run To Stay” below.

Paragons is out 11/12 via Sacred Bones. Pre-order it here.

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