Converse Announces Limited-Edition Turnstile Sneakers

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Converse Announces Limited-Edition Turnstile Sneakers


With 2021’s Glow On, Turnstile became something larger than a band. Now the arena-rocking hardcore heroes are getting their own limited edition Converse sneakers.

As Sneaker Bar Detroit reports, there are two shoes in the line, both named after Turnstile songs, both Turnstile-branded all the way down to the inserts and laces. The Turnstile x Converse Chuck 70 “Blackout,” priced at $95, features a combination of black and grey-white. The Turnstile One Star Pro aka “ONLY ONE STAR,” a reference to “Can’t Be The Only One,” will run you $80 and matches white with pink-white. Both shoes go on sale this Thursday, Jan. 25. (It’s a holiday?)

Below, check out a promo video and lots of photos.

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